Fee Schedule

The examination fees for the ABSA Certification Examination for Surgical Assistants are listed below. These fees include a comprehensive study guide, sent after we receive your completed application and all associated documentations. You must pay by credit card/Paypal. See information below.

There are no walk-in registrations for the ABSA Certification Examination!

All payments are incorporated into application process

Exam Fees

Item Cost
Initial Exam Fee: $445.00
Re-Test Exam Fee: $250.00

Item Cost
Recertification By Application Fee $120.00
Recertification By Application Fee + Late Fee: $325.00
Recertification by Exam Fee $250.00
Reactivation or Reinstatement by Application Fee $350.00
Reactivation or Reinstatement by Exam Fee $425.00

Other Fees

Item Cost
*Late Fee: $205.00
Certificate Replacement Fee (Email [email protected]) $20.00
Returned Check Fee $50.00


If you wish to cancel your application, a written request for a refund must be sent to the American Board of Surgical Assistants (4951 Hidden Lakes Drive; Harshaw, Wisconsin 54529) within ten calendar days, following the examination date. The request must include your full name, mailing address, scheduled test date and signature. An administration fee of $100.00 will be withheld along with any optional fees. Refunds will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks following the examination date.

Credit Card Payment

Important Notes:Paying Online DOES NOT Constitute an Application for Examination or Recertification. We must have the application and all supporting documentation. Anyone cancelling a transaction through their credit card company and not calling the ABSA at 1-877-617-8345, to cancel the transaction first, will be charged and billed $100.00!

*NOTE: Late fees may apply and are calculated automatically at the time of application submission.