Special Examination Application Submission Process

As a Special Examination candidate, you are responsible for the following:

The ABSA Special Re-Test Examination fee of $450.00

You must take the examination at a third party testing center or facility (e.g. Sylvan Learning Center).

You will be responsible for any additional fees that may be charged, by the testing facility.
The ABSA Special Examination fee may seem excessive, however, consider the following examples:

  1. Exam Fee: $250.00
  2. Airfare, a minimum: $200.00
  3. Hotel, a minimum per night: $100.00
  4. Meals, average per day: $50.00
  5. Car Rental, minimum per day: $50.00
  6. Average Total Expenses: $700.00 to over $850.00

. As you can see, being in your home city and testing at a location of your convenience, is not an excessive expense..

In order to be better prepared for this process, you should be aware of what information will be required during the process:

  • During the application process, you will enter a testing center name, location and testing date.

  • You will be required to pay your application fee. Scan or save the Paypal payment receipt as a .pdf file to your computer for later upload during the application process.

  • You will enter personal information. For example, full name, current country of residence, postal address, date of birth, home/cell phone, gender, marital status, and occupation.

  • You will enter credential information. For example, name of medical school or formal surgical assistant training program, date of graduation, you will be asked to provide .pdf documents to upload of medical school diploma or formal surgical assistant training program certificate, resume, proof of application payment, and a professional photo in (.gif, .jpg, or .jpeg format).

  • You acknowledge that you understand that any disruption or cheating in any manner, during the examination, will result in immediate termination of your examination and confiscation of your examination answer-sheet, examination booklet and confirmation letter. You will be required to leave the testing room and/or facility. You will receive a failing score on the examination, forfeit your exam fee and never be eligible to sit for any ABSA certification examination, at any time in the future.

  • You will acknowledge that you understand the terms and conditions of certification as a surgical assistant through the ABSA. The ABSA does not allow for any independent performance of any medical or surgical procedures, within the United States of America or its territories.

  • You will certify that you understand all statements in this application and affirm all information contained in this application to be true and correct

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