Special Examination Instructions

When you contact one of the Sylvan Learning Centers, in your area; You need to follow the following guidelines:

1. Go in person and ask to speak with the director. Do Not Call…Going In Person is recommended.
2. Ask if they would be willing to proctor a paper examination (Our exam is not computerized).
3. Let them know, the exam is 3 hours in length.
4. Our office will send the exam, answer response sheet, instructions and a return mailer, by FedEx, to arrive approximately 2-3 days prior to the examination date.
5. Sylvan Learning Centers are not part of the American Board of Surgical Assistants and we have no contract with them.
6. They may charge you a small fee for proctoring the exam. This is your responsibility and not part of your Testing Fee, nor that of the ABSA.
7. Our office needs a minimum 30 days advance notice, of your testing date.
8. The date you select will be part of your Special Examination Application.
9. Your Special Examination Application Approval Code is: absa30.

Write the following information below, on your printout for future reference.

10. Sylvan Learning Center director's name: ____________________________________

11. Sylvan Learning Center address: __________________________________________

12. City, State & Zip Code: __________________________________________________

13. Sylvan Learning Center Telephone Number: (______)__________________________

14. Scheduled Date of Examination (mm/dd/yyyy): _______/_______/_________________

NOTE: It is recommended that you print and bring these instructions with you, to show to the director, as an explanation as to what you need and are requesting.