Recertification is designed to ensure that the Surgical Assistant - Certified, strives to continue their education, in health science and medicine. The following section describes the procedures by which certification can be maintained.

Recertification Forms and Fee Schedule are located at the bottom of this page.

Each Surgical Assistant - Certified, is required to acquire eighty (80) recertification points in a two (2) year period. He or she must submit a professional activity report every two (2) years. Recertification forms are mailed approximately 6 months prior to certification expiration. The appropriate filing fee must accompany this report.

Each Surgical Assistant - Certified, must have assisted on a minimum of four hundred (400) clinical surgical procedures or 1500 clinical surgical hours, every two years, in the role of a first assistant. This documentation must be submitted with the professional activity report.

Recertification is granted provided each and all point requirements are fulfilled, with documentation and appropriate filing fees received, on time.

Acknowledge that the role and function of a surgical assistant is to assist the surgeon, in the performance of a surgical procedure. It is understood and acknowledged that certification as a surgical assistant through the ABSA (SA-C) does not allow for any independent performance of any medical or surgical procedures, within the United States of America or its territories.

Please Note: Anyone found guilty of "Practicing Medicine Without a License," in the United States of America or its territories, either by court trial or plea agreement, will lose their certification and never be eligible to certify with the ABSA again.

An individual will lose certification if he or she: Does not submit all required documentation and fees prior to the certification expiration date.

The following is a partial listing of point allocations and documentation that can be used for recertification, without examination. Each ABSA, Surgical Assistant – Certified must obtain a minimum of 40 points each year, for recertification.

Documentation of Activities:

Each individual is responsible for providing written documentation of their professional activity. Credit will not be awarded for activities not properly documented. Documentation procedures are outlined below:
  1. Major medical meetings may be documented by registration receipts or a copy of the meeting program.
  2. Local meetings or seminars must list dates, times and topics.
  3. Copies of the program showing the topic and the presenters must document presentations.
  4. Publications authored must be documented by full reference to the journal or book.
Recertification Point Allocations:

Points are assigned on a per contact hour basis. Below is a partial listing of categories and points allocated.

Category Maximum points / year
Attendance at a national medical meeting 20 pt. / yr.
Attendance at regional medical meetings, seminars 10 pt. / yr.
or hospital based conferences
Publication in a professional journal or proceedings 20 pt. / yr.
Presentation at a national or regional medical meeting 15 pt. / yr.
Presentation at hospital seminar or conference   5 pt. / yr.
Listening to or viewing a medical audio-visual aide   6 pt. / yr.
Reading professional journals (must list volume and issues)   6 pt. / yr.
First Assisting on (400) clinical cases or 1500 clinical hours,
per 2 year period (Required) 25 pt. / yr.
ACLS, PALS or CPR certification (Required)    4pt. / yr.

It is important to retain copies of all information sent to the ABSA, for your own records.

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