History & Statistics

The American Board of Surgical Assistants was founded 30 December 1987, in the State of Colorado, as a Non-Profit Organization.

On 01 October 1998, the American Board of Surgical Assistants was “Administratively Dissolved”, by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, after not receiving our mailed 1998 two-year corporate report.

On 27 January 2000, the American Board of Surgical Assistants, after discovering being “Administratively Dissolved,” was reincorporated as a privately held corporation under the name ABSA, Ltd.

On 24 September 2003, the American Board of Surgical Assistants, operating under the name ABSA, Ltd. was renamed American Board of Surgical Assistants, Inc.

The American Board of Surgical Assistants, Inc., Colorado Secretary of State ID Number 20001018434, is still operated as a privately held corporation, functioning as a national surgical assistant credentialing organization.

Our mission has not changed since our initial incorporation in 1987. We will continue to require formal training as a surgical assistant, as a prerequisite for ABSA certification (as we have since January 2002) and require documented performance as a surgical assistant,in the clinical setting, as a requirement for recertification. Additionally, we will continue to raise-the-bar on educational requirements, in-order to further promote the safety and protection of the public, by mandating higher levels of knowledge, in the ever-changing world of surgical medicine.

We acknowledge that the role and function of a surgical assistant is to assist the surgeon, in the performance of a surgical procedure. It is understood and acknowledged that certification as a surgical assistant through the ABSA (SA-C) does not allow for any independent performance of any medical or surgical procedures, within the United States of America or its territories.

5 Year ABSA SA-C Exam Pass – Fail Statistics

2021: 611 Candidates, 607 Passed, 4 Failed, --- Pass Rate: 99.35%, Failure Rate: 0.65%
2020: 404 Candidates, 394 Passed, 10 Failed, --- Pass Rate: 97.5%, Failure Rate: 2.48%
2019: 488 Candidates, 450 Passed, 38 Failed, --- Pass Rate: 92.2%, Failure Rate: 7.7%
2018: 462 Candidates, 438 Passed, 24 Failed, --- Pass Rate: 94.8%, Failure Rate: 5.19%
2017: 735 Candidates, 695 Passed, 40 Failed, --- Pass Rate: 94.6%, Failure Rate: 5.4%

Current and past 5-year pass/fail statistical averages.
New Candidates: 2700, Pass Rate: 95.70%, Failure Rate: 4.30%

Note: These pass/fail statistics are continuously updated throughout the year. They are comparable to physician, medical/surgical specialty boards.

There are currently 3659 Active Surgical Assistants - Certified (SA-C's)

*** 8070 candidates certified as a SA-C since 1987 ***