Salaries vary nationwide!

  • Type of Practice (General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery etc.)
  • Location (City and State or Region)
  • How Employed (Independent Contractor, By a Physician, a Group, a Hospital or Clinic)
  • Type of Compensation (Independent Billing, Salary or Hourly Wage… Number of Cases each Month)
  • Benefits and/or Bonuses (Liability Insurance, Health and/or Dental Insurance, Pager or Cell Phone etc.)

The American Board of Surgical Assistants nor it’s officers are able to tell you what type of salary or benefits you might obtain.

This is something that you must negotiate for yourself, based on your experience, skills and abilities etc.

There are many variables to consider when comparing wages... can calculate salary ranges for Surgical Assistants throughout the USA.
It is worth your time visiting their website.