American Board of Surgical Assistants Code of Ethics

As an ABSA Surgical Assistant–Certified (SA-C) …

I pledge to pursue and uphold the highest attainable ethical standards.
I will place the physical and psychological well-being of my patients above all else.
I will continue to improve my medical knowledge and surgical skills.
I will conduct myself in a manner that is honest and above reproach, always, especially when dealing with my patients, colleagues, and medical staff.
I will assist my colleagues when requested and will seek their guidance when my own abilities are in doubt.
Finally, I will support and strive to advance the objectives and goals of the surgical profession and specifically those of the American Board of Surgical Assistants

We acknowledge that the role and function of a surgery assistant is to assist the surgeon, in the performance of a surgical procedure.

It is understood and acknowledged that certification as a surgical assistant through the ABSA does not allow for any independent performance of any medical or surgical procedures, within the United States of America or its territories.

Please Note: Anyone found guilty of “Practicing Medicine Without a License,” in the United States of America or its territories, either by court trial or plea agreement, will lose their certification and never be eligible to certify with the ABSA again.