Certificant Board of Directors (3-year term)

Any SA-C credential holder shall be eligible for nomination as a Certificant Board Director who meets all the following:

  1. Holds the ABSA’s SA-C credential and is in good standing;
    1. Has been a surgical assistant – certified (SA-C) for at least four (4) years prior to election;
    1. Demonstrated experience with oversight boards and/or leadership functions.


Public Member (3-year term)

Any member of the Public who is not qualified to hold the SA-C credential and meets the Public Member qualifications established by ABSA shall be eligible for nomination as a Public Board Director. The public member shall not practice as a surgical assistant or employed in a related field. The Public Board Director will be selected to represent the interest of the public in health and safety through a willingness to be a public advocate for patients/recipients of surgical assistant services.

The ABSA Public Member is appointed to represent patients who are the direct and indirect users of certificants’ services and to effectively advocate for their interests. The Public Member has the same privileges and authority and is expected to perform the same duties as those of all other voting ABSA Directors. The Public Member will meet the criteria established in the current National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs.

As such, the public member is NOT:

  • A current or previous member of the profession, occupation, role, or specialty area encompassed by the SA-C certification program;
  • A supervisor, manager, direct co-worker, or an employee or subordinate of individuals in the profession encompassed by the SA-C certification program;
  • An employee of an individual certified by the SA-C certification program or of an employer of individuals in the profession encompassed by the SA-C certification program; or
  • A person who currently receives or within the last five years has received income from the profession encompassed by the SA-C certification program.

Committees (1-year term)

With the exception of any public members appointed to a committee, all committee members will be surgical assistants and/or related professionals. To the extent reasonably possible, examination development-related committees will reflect the diversity of SA-C certificants. Geographic representation, specialty/practice area, populations served, and experience level will be considered. Failure to maintain SA-C certification status may result in loss of an appointed committee position.

Open Positions

Item Writing Committee Member (SME)

Item/Exam Review Committee Member

Nominating Committee Member

Job/Practice Committee Member

Disciplinary Committee Member

Standard Setting Committee Member

Please send applications to [email protected]