Examination Administration

Candidates should review the ABSA Certification Handbook for full Examination Administration policies and procedures.

Exam Administration

Once SA-C eligibility is approved by ABSA, candidates will receive notice that their application has been approved and instructions for taking the examination. Once approved, candidates have access to test on-demand. Testing is not available on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, US Independence Day.

The SA-C examination is delivered on a secure testing platform and administered via live-remote proctoring. Candidates may take their exam from a home or office location so long as the hardware, software, and room requirements are met to ensure a controlled and secure environment for testing. All exam administrations are monitored by qualified proctors who are trained by ABSA’s exam administration vendor, MonitorEDU.

Exam Security

To provide a fair and consistent environment for all candidates, the exams are delivered using standardized procedures following strict security protocols. Candidates are required to follow all test administration rules at all times. Failure to follow these rules may result in termination of a candidate’s testing session, invalidation of the candidate’s exam score, and/or disciplinary action.


Individuals suspected of cheating will be subject to ABSA’s disciplinary policies and procedures.

Any incidents of suspected cheating, violation of any ABSA policies, disturbances, attempts to copy or retrieve test materials, or other exam-related irregularities will be reported immediately to ABSA by the testing vendor. All serious incidents will be investigated by ABSA with assistance from the testing vendor. Testing irregularities may result in termination of a candidate’s participation in the examination administration, invalidation of exam scores, or other disciplinary action.

ABSA and the testing vendor reserve the right to investigate any incident of suspected misconduct or irregularity.