Subject Matter Experts (SME)

The ABSA strives to ensure individuals in the surgical assistant profession meet definable standards. To accomplish these standards, we need ongoing recruitment to maintain our subject matter experts (SMEs) that have knowledge in the surgical assistant profession.

The ABSA is currently pursuing qualified individuals to participate in the subject matter expert plan to help develop exam items.


  • Holds the ABSA’s SA-C credential and is in good standing
  • Follow ABSA rules, guidelines and processes for writing items
  • Maintains total confidentiality and security of all testing materials
  • No conflicts of interest either direct or perceived


  • Recertification fee waived while actively participating as an SME.
  • Gain continuing medical education (CME) credits. ( 2 credit hours per 5 questions)
  • Receive digital credential badge signifying you are an SME, badges will also be published on the ABSA website to showcase your achievements.
  • Receive item writing training that you can use as a skill-set.
  • SME role can be included on your curriculum vitae.
  • Contribute to the surgical assistant profession.
  • Define and validate the surgical assistant profession tasks and knowledge base.
  • A key contributor to the ABSA Certification Examination for Surgical Assistants.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop minimum of 10 exam items a year to potentially be added to the certifying exam.
  • Review written exam items for accuracy that will potentially be added to certifying exam.
  • Work with other SMEs to determine which items should be added or deleted from certifying exam.
  • Attend quarterly SME meetings
  • Must sign SME Commitment to Serve Form

Given that each SME’s availability will vary depending on their personal schedules, the ABSA has created a 4 tier structure.

  • Entry Level SME
  • Silver Member 10 items a year
  • Gold Member 20 items a year
  • Platinum Member 30 + items a year

If this is something you would like to pursue, please email [email protected] for further information.