Fee Schedule

The examination fees for the ABSA Certification Examination for Surgical Assistants are listed below. These fees include a comprehensive study guide, sent after we receive your completed application and all associated documentations. You must pay by credit card, or your PayPal account with PayPal.

All payments are incorporated into application process

ABSA (SA-C) Exam Fees

Item Cost

  • Initial Exam Fee: $445.00
  • Military Discounted Initial Exam Fee: $400 (Must provide current orders or DD-214)
  • Re-Test Exam Fee: $275.00

Item Cost

  • Recertification by Application Fee $135.00
  • Recertification by Application Fee + Late Fee: $325.00
  • Recertification by Exam Fee $275.00
  • Reactivation/Reinstatement by Application Fee $350.00
  • Reactivation/Reinstatement by Exam Fee $445.00
  • Recertification for Active Duty Military – No Charge (Must provide current orders)

Other Fees

Item Cost

  • Lapel Pin $9.00
  • Scrubs & Caps Coming Soon!
  • Free Practice Exam (10 questions)
  • 40 Question Practice Exam $45.00 (discounted to $30.00 with application)
  • *Late Fee: $190.00
  • Certificate Replacement Fee (Email [email protected]) $10.00
  • Returned Check Fee $50.00

If you wish to cancel your Surgical Assistant Certification application, a request for a refund must be sent to [email protected] The request must include your full name, mailing address and phone number. An administration fee of $100.00 may be withheld along with any optional fees. Refunds will be refunded within six weeks.

Credit Card payments
Important Notes: Paying online DOES NOT constitute an application for surgical assistant examination or Surgical Assistant – Certified recertification. We must have the application and all supporting documentation.

*NOTE: Late fees may apply and are calculated automatically at the time of application submission.

Fees are subject to change.